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13th July 2012

By Rob Cowan

The first three short Plandemonium videos are online at www.plandemonium.org.uk, a collaboration with the wonderful UrbanNous (www.urbannous.org.uk) involving animated cartoons. Did you want to know: Why don’t foreign countries have pedestrian guardrails? Why do architects wear bow ties? Why do highway engineers wear short-sleeved shirts? No?

Even if you had wanted to know, the videos might still have left you wondering. Just because a question can be asked does not necessarily mean that it can be answered. Four more Plandemonium videos are currently in production for release later in the summer. I could tell you the titles – they are all questions again – but it would be cruel to keep you in suspense, especially as, once again, the questions may well turn out to be unanswerable. All the best questions are.        

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